Monday, March 17, 2008

ProcrasTV: Amy Winhouse's low blow

I know our modern lifestyle calls for a smaller, more compact packaging of our favorite products... but this is too much.

Amy Winehouse catches a short buzz Click Here To Read More

Madonna Leaks! (UPDATE)

For the sake of accuracy it is our duty to present you with the actual artwork to Madonna's upcoming album Hard Candy (as a follow-up to our previous report) along with the official album version of the lead single 4 Minutes and a sneak preview of her album track Miles Away as presented by (who else?) a Japanese cooking show.

UPDATE: Madonna's new album HARD CANDY has been leaked in full. Click Here To Read More

Friday, March 14, 2008

ProcrasTV: The Porn Ultimatum

Forget The Bourne Ultimatum, this is the pinnacle of Matt Damon's career. In case you haven't seen this alredy, there it goes...

Even funnier is Kimmel's response. Watch for the A-list cameos.
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Things That Won't Let Me Sleep At Night

Issue: MICROSOFT billionaire Bill Gates has had to delete his Facebook account after being hassled by thousands of fans.

My Concern: How's a poor little computer nerd like him going to meet people now?

Issue: Spring brings new releases by pop-divas such as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue.

My Concern: Is this a secret plan to reactivate the economy, via gay fund reserve?

Issue: Bill O'Reilly asks: "Is waterboarding torture?"

Bush answers: "I don't want to talk about techniques. But I do assure the American people that we were within the law and we don't torture. I have said all along to the American people we won't torture. But we need to be in a position where we can interrogate these people."

My Concern: If even O'Reilly has to question the sanity of one of the Bush administration's decision... what's going to happen if indeed Americans elect "a Republican president who will keep up the fight in Iraq" as Bush told donors at the Republican Governors Association annual dinner? (which raised a record $10.6 million for GOP gubernatorial candidates.)

"And I don't want the next Republican president to be lonely," Bush said. "And that is why we got to take the House, retake the Senate, and make sure our states are governed by Republican governors."

It's 3 AM... a phone is ringing in the White House... Click Here To Read More

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Madonna Leaks!

It had to be the French... here's the link to a radio leak of Madonna's new single '4 Minutes' (someone took the announcer's voice off, thank them), from her upcoming album Hard Candy. I digs.

UPDATE: Madonna's latest album HARD CANDY has been leaked in full.

Image from Boy Culture. Click Here To Read More